A few things we built

From small tweaks through custom apps to overall systems there are infinite ways custom software can get you closer to your goals.

Here are a few examples:


A few things we built

When the unique aspect of your business, the one that gives you a competitive edge, is the part that does not fit within the boundaries of the off-the-shelf program, it’s time to get a custom solution.

From small tweaks through custom apps to overall systems there are infinite ways custom software can get you closer to your goals.

Here are a few examples:


A more economical way to upload to iTunes Video

There are only 7 companies who can upload videos to iTunes, we worked for one of them.

The challenge

Most of the media companies use the so called MediaPulse program which is a professional media project manager. This program controls everything about processing the different media materials, among these to control any unlawful content on the media.

The program itself is a highly complex and very expensive program. Our client paid royalty for its use not only yearly but also after each user. Because there are several people in the company who need to have access to this program, they needed a solution not to have to pay fortunes after each user.


We created an external program through which every function of the above application can be reached. It has an API (application programming interface) through which all things the main program does can be accessed from outside. It is not necessary to use the program directly, so more users can use the main program through the solution made by us and the costs don’t multiply no matter how many people use the program. This saves thousands of dollars for them every year.

Less phone calls, more clients with a custom app

The challenge

We had to develop a storage application that could be used by clients and other companies (logistics or design) alike.

The app lets the user log and find any item they previously put into any location, even on their mobile phones.

The solution

Having an application where every client can track their own belongings not only is a great service, but minimizes the previously significant inquiry phone traffic as well.

The app lets the user choose what exact place they are storing an item in, and log what they store there.

As it has a graphic interface, it can also be used by interior designers to log the purchased furniture and decoration together with the costs, or practically any company that wants to keep a detailed, easily searchable database of what’s where in the building.

Sell more in your webshop with a product customizer

The challenge

The “The Light Choice” sells different lamps through an e-commerce platform.
The webstore system provides limited functions on how to present the products. It was not easy enough for the user to choose the colors of the different parts and there was no possibility to give instructions for the users on how to customize the product they wanted to order.

The features couldn’t be modified by the shop owner so a customization was needed to provide the functions the shop owner wanted and to make the shop more user-friendly.


We made a custom development to the existing webshop system making the process of the shopping simplier and more user-friendly. The colors which can be chosen for the different parts of a lamp are more visible this way, the visualization is bigger and there are explanations for the users. The existing system allowed only minor modifications so we had to solve this by adding a client-side Javascript code so that the user sees the modified site, in spite of that the existing webshop system did not allow this.

So the unique visual appearance and functions help the shop owner in selling and help the user in choosing and buying the best product for him.

Insurance quotes faster and safer with online forms

The challenge

The program was developed for a company in Tampa, FL to speed up the process of sending data to their client.

The company does insurance risk assessments for properties commissioned by an insurance company. The inspectors go to assess the property and they send the details and results of the surveys to the head office.

The problem was that the head office was in Tampa and in many cases the assessment happened at a distant location. Everything was recorded on paper and was made on paper and sent by post. The process was very slow and in many cases the papers filled out incorrectly slowed it down even more.

The solution

We developed an online automated system which enables the inspector to send the insurance risk assessment to the head office immediately after the survey is done.

They fill out the form on their tablet, they can even take pictures and attach them to the assessment which makes the whole process even more effective.

If the manager has any questions or anything is missing it can be handled and corrected right on the spot.

This allows the completed assessment to reach the insurance company as fast as possible speeding up the insurance process and modernizing the work flow.

This means a higher quality service from the assessment company towards the insurance company, and also enables a quicker response time from the insurance company to their clients.

More clients with an excellent referral system

The challenge

This programming project was done for an accounting company in the USA. The company had several hundred clients and they wanted to make the referral process easier and more rewarding for the clients.

The company wanted to award his clients recommending him and he wanted the process and the follow-up to be automatic.
He also wanted the client to be able to choose what gift or award he would like to receive in exchange for the referral and that the client receives it as soon as possible. Both the notification and the follow-up were important.

The solution

We developed an online form for the clients through which they could easily recommend the company’s services to anyone.

The name of both the referral and the client is stored, the company is notified about it in writing and by receiving an SMS so they know immediately which of their clients recommended them to a new prospective client.

When the recommended person has contacted the company, the referring client gets a notification. They can then choose what gift they wants and the company can send it to them.

So the accounting company could solve the problem how to track and follow up the referrals and he could manage all these by this automatic professional system.

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