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Then it’s time to get advice from someone who’s been an expert in IT systems and business process optimization for almost 20 years.

If you feel confused, overwhelmed, or not sure how to improve things and where to start, I’m happy to give you actionable advice – and you’ll not going to be bombarded with mysterious IT lingo, rest assured.


Our company was in an extreme danger situation with regards the software systems here. Our company runs a 1200 person call center spread across 4-5 locations in the USA.

Our previous software team left a wreckage of poorly done documentation and half-done products behind. This situation could easily cost the company hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, if poorly handled.

Zoltan came in, took charge and just made it go right. Besides being a highly competent developer, he also has excellent work ethic. He promptly did whatever was needed to be done to solve the situation, whether that was staying into the late hours or having to tackle some unsavoury work. He’s been an indispensable asset to us.

He’s extremely honest and direct, and in my opinion, honorable.

– Hans Eisenmann
AGR Group

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