From funky web apps through international logistic systems or fixing up the mess the previous developer team left behind, we do everything that makes your business more efficient.

Here are a few examples:

Your own crm software

Do you ever find it frustrating to have 3-4 separate client (or prospect) databases? Or maybe the sales workflow is not flowing enough….

This can be solved with a custom CRM system.

The simplest example of this is collecting your clients’ names and e-mail addresses in a customer registration system.

This enables you to send messages for several clients at the same time, you can even schedule those messages, and you can set special conditions about the delivery as you wish.

The other end of the spectrum is the very complex SAP client management system which is able to combine a huge amount of data. Taking into consideration the complexity and the price of the software, this satisfies the demand only for a certain customer group.

If you are like most of our clients, you need something more complex than just a follow-up email software but it needs to be way simpler than an SAP system.

The good thing about a custom CRM system is that it provides exactly what you need, not less, not more.

This helps you to save money, time and energy.

tailor-made, custom software

Customized software is needed when the operation of a company is special or unique.
In this case ”tricky programming solutions” are needed.

In some cases we have to customize an existing system, or in some cases we need to develop a brand new system. We can develop any program you can dream of.

We don’t start with telling you what solutions you need.

We coordinate several times if needed, to fully understand how your company works, which areas need automatization and how we can increase the efficiency.

When we have fully understood the goal, the operation and the problem to be solved, we can work out the ideal solution and we can coordinate about it.

The key is to find out the needs clarifying it as long as we have fully understood it, and delivering exactly what you need and what you want, what the procedure or operation of the company or the location require.

Mobile / Web Applications

Mobile applications are specialized programs handling only certain things, but doing it very well.

During the development of a mobile application, the most important programming task is to find out what functions are essential and to get those functions to work well on mobile phones.

Applications are not for extensive features. Apps are mostly run on mobile devices where the space is limited, and the user wants everything immediately.

It needs to be intuitive and easy to navigate. It shouldn’t give too many options for the user, in fact the least thinking it requires the more successful the application is.

You can get an app developed for a certain task in your workflow, for promotion purposes, or to make life easier for your customers and clients.

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